Satanic Parables and Fables

Thanks to the Church of Satan for promoting this little black book!

These parables and fables embody wickedly honest insights from Satanic readings about the carnality of life, the viciousness of man, the beauty in quality, and the allure of indulgence.

I boiled down the Church of Satan’s published works (by Peter Gilmore and Anton LaVey) to striking and vital aphorisms that best represented Satanic thought.

Like Gilmore did in his Satanic Scriptures, I’m using the word ‘parables’ as an intentionally theatrical oxymoron. Parables have been so tied to Christian teachings that I wanted to try and decouple the two; since at its root, a parable is simply a short allegorical story. I included fables because many of the characters in the pieces are animals or inanimate objects.

The first part of the site’s title is taken from Blanche Barton‘s introduction to Mr. LaVey’s Satan Speaks! On page xii, Barton remarks that Mr. LaVey’s looks and bearing reflected the image of the ‘Gentleman Downstairs.’ I’m not sure if this term for the Devil had been used before or has been used since, but it was a perfectly diabolical description and I thought it fit for my collection (a number of parables feature a gentleman living downstairs in an apartment building).

Thanks for reading.

R. Smith

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