The Gentleman Downstairs and Other Satanic Parables and Fables

Best Friends Forever

Before he ran his own company, the gentleman downstairs worked for another firm. He was a salaried employee involved in tactics, but never strategy. He carried out the responsibilities of his position. He fulfilled the objectives set before him.

Yet his views and opinions about business were often contrary to those of management. He was passed over for promotions and raises.

So he left to start his own venture.

At first it was rough going, but he was a good businessman and learned fast. His company offered the market exactly what it desired: choice. In fact, the company he left needed him to stay in business for them to survive. It did better when he was in the trades; competition paid dividends.

Eventually, the gentleman controlled much of the market. His products and services excelled. In comparison, those offered by the competition were dated and old-fashioned.

A journalist asked him questions during an interview.

“What’s next?” the newsman asked. “Where do you take the company from here?”

“I’m going to retire,” replied the gentleman. “That’ll put them out of business.”



“Satan has been the best friend the church ever had, as he has kept it in business all these years.”

LaVey, Anton. The Satanic Bible. New York: Avon Books, 1969. Print.


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