The Gentleman Downstairs and Other Satanic Parables and Fables

First Class Travel

Neighbors in the apartment building often desired an escape from the hustle of life. When they did, they consulted the gentleman downstairs. Though reserved, the eclectic, dignified and gracious gentleman always welcomed those who knocked. He knew why they visited: time travel.

The gentleman’s abode looked as if it were from different time periods. Here was a room decorated and untouched since the 1920s. A phonograph record played. A cigarette smoldered in a tin ashtray. A backdrop of antiquated, outdated post-Victorian trappings hung on the walls. Here was a room that looked as if no one has visited it since 1972. Shag rugs, colorful pillows, and plastic filled the room. Here was a third: a perfect replica of a home in Pompeii, Rome before Vesuvius blew its top. And here’s another room from the 1290s and another from the 1700s. And another from the 1430s.

The rooms sprawled from the entry and foyer. The gentleman greeted his guests with a knowing smile and a wave of the hand. These travelers aimed to enter a world different from their own. This gentleman’s quarters did the trick.

A sense of calm embraced these time travelers once they chose a room. They could spend time in a different century. The rooms transported them from the travails of their current lives. They could visit a place where troubles could be seen from a different perspective. They left refreshed. They were ready to tackle the issues at hand in the world outside.

His door was always open.



“The creation of total environments cultivates sensitivity which provides clarity of context when engaged in other milieus.”

– Anton LaVey


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