The Gentleman Downstairs and Other Satanic Parables and Fables

Poached Yegs

Poachers killed thousands of animals for the manufacturing of wildlife products. These items supported terrorists and fed superstitious and ignorant practices. Local governments were distraught. Tourism was drying up and their precious wildlife was going extinct.

Hopeless, the president of a country hard hit with the poaching took a visitor. The visiting gentleman proposed investing in a poaching preserve. Anyone caught killing animals or selling wildlife products was imprisoned in the preserve. The preserve would be open to hunting groups. The poachers would be the hunted.

In time, legends grew about the preserve and the poachers caught and imprisoned there. Hunting poachers became quite the pastime among the wealthy and elite. Many went on safari at the preserve. They took shots at the panicky criminals who darted between rock and tree. Some came back with a prize kill.

Back home, the gentleman who had created and funded the poacher preserve was invited to coffee by a neighbor. Awhile after he arrived, the neighbor mentioned he was having difficulty stopping smoking. The gentleman produced a small vial of powder from his jacket.

“Shake a little of this into your coffee for a few days,” advised the gentleman.

The gentleman downstairs never said what was in the vial. But it was rumored that powder made from a poacher’s testicles could stop a bad habit.



“The doom that should be over every person is: ‘Let it be upon your own head.’”

– Peter H. Gilmore, The Satanic Scriptures, 156.


Caved In